Return back home from UK

Two performances in Great Britain have been done successful. Croughton and Alconbury were the places to be. The weather was marvelous, nearly mediterranean. All the British were happy, that’s why :-). We had a storm all day long in Alconbury yesterday but we passed a complete show. With the feeling of success we are going to the fairy to get back to Gotha. Dover, UK 2013-07-30 1:30pm

vor Ort um vier, 20.07.2013
Before I forget the link to “vor Ort um vier” from today, 20th of July, here it is. A beautiful broadcast about the 50th Europeade in Gotha with unique views from our giant sway pole to the town. On the picture Peggy Patschke and Alexander Weisheit. The brave mdr host was climbing up the pole and shows her view from a height of 30m.

As long as Europe is celebrating in Gotha and we are preparing our show, the development backstage is continung.

Today, Max signed his apprenticeship contract for motor vehicle mechanic at Scania Partner vehicle and service house Gotha, Schmidt and Steinerstauch GmbH.

During his apprenticeship (which takes 3 1/2 years), he will be at our performances as often as possible. His cousin Elisabeth is in her 2nd year of apprenticeship for physical therapist at university clinic Leipzig.

That is the way how to get qualify young professionals to secure the future.

Tonight the official flag of the Europeade in connection with the giant sway pole show of the Geschwister Weisheit, will be hoist above the main market. Channel mdr with Peggy Patschke will be there – live – . Until sunday the flag is a symbol which is standing for diversity, unity and friendship of the nations of Europe at a marvelous festival in Gotha before it will be pulled in again and hand over to the following city at Sunday evening.

There it is … our new website. We were thinking about contens, pictures and structure to give an informative and worth seeing website to our fans. You have to judge the result now.

Our Katja designed it, planed the realization together with the team of StyleYourWeb and accompanied the programming.

We do not have filled every page with contents finally yet, thats why we will work on it during the next weeks constantly to complete pictures, references and text.

Your feedback is quite interessting for us, so we ask you to give your opinion on our facebookpage

Until then, stay with us!

Yours Geschwister Weisheit!

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Return back home from UK