New – Hansemarkt Dortmund 2013

From October 30th till November 3rd, we will join the Hansemarkt in Dortmund with our historical rope show “Anno to its Times”. 13 acrobats from 3 generations are presenting how everything started 100 years ago with our family in a height of 4 m, accompanied by loud-hailer and barrel organ music.

The summer tour 2013 of the high wire troupe Geschwister Weisheit is over, right now. It was a successful, exciting and super tour full of highlights.

Full of pleasure we are looking back to our performances for example the german sportsfestival at Rheingalerie Ludwigshafen, to a complicated set up from MyZeil till Hauptwache at Wolkenkratzerfestival Frankfurt am Main and super Shows at Saturday full of sunshine and Sunday with a lot of rain. Our journey to Italy (to Sicily and back across Naples and Aviano), the days in UK (where the weather was italian like) and the 100. Herressener Folksfestival in Apolda.

Very emotional was our show in Lübtheen at the 65o city anniversary. Even after more than 30 years memories to our last performance were still awake and we had many moving meetings.

The 50. Europeade in Gotha was a huge festival which was never seen in this residential town before. Europe as a guest in our hometown – and we had been there!

200 years ago, Napoleon was beated at the battle nearby Grossbeeren during his journey to Berlin and after he was sent definitely into history during the folks battle nearby Leipzig. Great that we could give our best to this festival of jubilee.

The century festival of Frankenberg, the birthday of WBG Radeberg and our brilliant tour conclusion in Kolkwitz (with a record of visitors for this municipality) — all those events are beautiful memories.

We would like to say “THANK YOU” to all our visitors, the audience, organizers, friends and acquaintences for a successful tour 2013 and hope to see you all again next year!

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New – Hansemarkt Dortmund 2013