January – Month of Exhibition

In January, everything is about promotion, information and exhibition. Our new world – uniqueness is available since 2014 and it is our turn to present all the new possibilities which have been unthinkable so far to the organizers, agencies and potential clients.

Therefore we already went to Papenburg to give a first presentation at the 65 th day of delegation of  German Fairground Association.


The trade journal “KOMET” will have a report on January 20 th and we will reveal the secret here to inform you on our page.

We invite you from our hearts to the international culture exhibition to Freiburg. At this fair we also represent our new – world – uniqueness at a stand and looking forward to many visitors, good conversation and some conlusions for the upcoming tour.

26. IKF 27.-30. Januar 2014

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January – Month of Exhibition