650 years Lübtheen Bandekow Trebs Volzrade


From 23rd till 25th August, Stadt Lübtheen in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, as well as the town parts Bandekow, Trebs und Volzrade are celebrating their 650. jubilee.

After many years we are here finally once again. The last performance in Lübtheen was back in 1979! So the expectations are high, that is what inquiries from the vincity are telling us.

We are pleased to be there with many program parts. Saturday before the festival parade the historical rope show “anno to its times”, in the afternoon the high wire show and late at nitght the high giant sway pole – motorcycle show in floodlight. Sunday we will be there with 2 program parts too and we are looking forward to a big show for the whole family with all the highlights and a duration of approx. 90 minutes, this kind of show has become more seldom in the past.

A view about the festival schedule you’ll find here.

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650 years Lübtheen Bandekow Trebs Volzrade