About US

The high wire troupe Geschwister Weisheit® was founded in 1900 by its family father Friedrich Wilhelm Weisheit.

Our company was grown and shaped through many ups and downs in its long history.

Through a continuously development and integration of the newest, innovative technology, it was possible to improve our program to a calibre which is absolute incomparable in Europe!

Next to the modern show we honour our 100 years history with a historical program.

The diverse response which we receive all the time during and after our shows by the public and organizers confirms the image marking effect of this kind of family tradition.

The power of attention and fascination, which comes along naturally with a show of a high wire troupe with our strength of performance, guarantees a high grading multiplying effect as well as an outstanding sense to the organizers and an unforgettable event for the audience.

See you somwhere in Germany, Europe or the world – we are looking forward to!

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About US