10 Good Reasons

  1. Outstanding number of visitors on every event. Our shows reach the audience from little child to pensioner, this is a world-wide phenomenon, which doesn’t exist in this kind a second time. Whether for matinee, family program at afternoon or for a night show in front of a rock stage: the audience will be delighted and the organizer gets his highlight!
  2. We are the show! International top performances in an unrivalled class of performance. Always day by day and show by show!
    We are the only one troupe which offers such program variety and flexibility. We guarantee to create a program shedule with every single organizer to reach the best suitable show for each organizer and his special event  for one or more days.
  3. Set up and break down nearly soundless because noise pollution means environmental pollution!
    Even in residential areas, no problem: Constraints of environmental charge for the shows, no problem: Geschwister Weisheit – no problem at all.
  4. We don’t promise anything but prove all particular relevant facts with the organizer in the area and what will be decided together there – will be guaranteed and fixed by contract. Contract loyalty and customer satisfaction will be first priority – otherwise 100 years of tradition would be unthinkable.
  5. Safety for our acrobats and audience is the highest maxim. All our shows are standing for joy, amusement and happiness – not danger and fear!
  6. There’s no match, You’ve got the sureness of uniqueness! Neither a classical work on the high wire (with 12 acrobats at this time), nor an original racing car on a steep rope or a motorcycle show with 3 machines and 10 acrobats at the same time in one show as well as the high class performance on our giant sway pole (with world unique acrobatics like handstand at the top of 62m) you’ll ever find by another provider. Additionally we have the shows for the “smaller events” like the historical or the Christmas rope show.
  7. We are working entirely self-sufficient, self-employed and independently!
    All construction books, legally required liability insurances as well as all necessary documents are available. Set ups and break downs as well as implementation of the shows happen in self-management, alltogether without covert costs as hotel, rental equipement or something like that.
  8. Sponsors – there is hardly ever an event without them.
    Take the Geschwister Weisheit ® for promotion to win new sponsors or reactivate the proved ones. We know how to put your sponsors into the right spot.
  9. Most modern technique in use, fast set up and break down to minimize local requirements or lock wait.
  10. Complete solution from one hand – We bring everything with us: Lightning, Sound, and whole technique free standing, of course!

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10 Good Reasons