Motorcycle Show

Geschwister Weisheit® is the only one high wire troupe which works with 3 machines in its program, permanently. Of course this frame does not need any earth-fixing because of specially developed techniques and it can be set up everywhere.
The motorcycle show is full of action and you will see unique acrobatic tricks at dizzy heights.

  • Sensational motorbike show in a height between 30 and 40 m
  • Races on 3 steel ropes next to each other
  • Motocross – with the front wheel raised
  • 10 artists, 3 motorbikes, up to 70 km/h
  • Tooth acrobatics beneath and daring balancing tricks above the machines
  • Big motorbike pyramid with four acrobats above and beneath a bike
  • Travelling with a highspeed of 50 km/h up to a height of 30 m  handstanding on the bike’s handlebars and much more

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Motorcycle Show