12 acrobats presenting highlights of modern high wire acrobatics in a height of 12 metres/40 feet.



With the latest technology we present the artistry which is in our blood. Our high wire construction is freestanding and can be set up nearly everywhere because of its small base size.

We fascinate our audience by crossing the rope with bicycles, unicycles as well as an extended unicycle and the artistic cycling. Two persons standing on each other on the rope, standing on chairs and impressing pyramids, like a pyramid with three bikes, are thrilling performances which grab the audience’s attention.
Even the youngest members of our family don’t stay back. Our little Charly (10), Lenny (9) and Ruby (4) show the spectators what acrobatic children are able to do.
The spectacular highlight of the high wire show is the five-person-pyramid. We are the world’s only high wire ensemble which presents this kind of performance open air.


: Timeless and sophisticated open air high wire acrobatics in a breathtaking height.

‘It can’t be done’ is simply not in our vocabulary!

35th Circus Festival of Monte Carlo

Our equipment and experience enables us to set up the high wire construction inside halls and circus tents. Height and length are flexible.

DUS Airport Düsseldorf

Our freestanding construction doesn’t require any ground anchors. So it was even suitable for shows in DUS terminal for “Tour de l’aeroport”.

“I just can say Monte Carlo is right – you offer something really special.”

Rudolf Michl (Mayor Crailsheim, Germany), Fränkisches Volksfest
“Thank you for bringing the best Entertainment to RAF Alconbury! Your Family is so impressive in every way.”
Lt. Col. Cornell A. Burgess, Royal Air Force Alconbury

July 2018 – Dresdner Vogelwiese (German fair)

Mai 2015 – Schmalkalden, DE – Landesgartenschau (horticultural show