Verified safety for the audience and acrobats


Modern, innovative, proved and save– our technology is our foundation.

Ropes, wooden balancing poles, anchors, trapezes – since ever technology belongs to the high wire artistry.
Today we are working with state-of-the-art equipment. Dynamometers for measuring the rope tension, hydraulic winches and cranes, telescopic poles and freestanding constructions, safety equipment and walkie – talkies belonging to the necessary facilities. The circular TÜV checks (Germany’s Technical Inspection Agency) for the renewal of the provisional authorisation are assured in the construction record. The high requirements guarantee safety of the audience as well as the acrobats.

The impressing convoy of trucks and trailers, vans and caravans turns into our gigantic setup quickly. Every special purpose machine is part of the whole high wire construction. The setup is the event before the respective event, highly interesting for everybody, young and elderly, adults and children. The high poles and ropes promote themselves during the entire course of the event.

An important parts of the show are sound and light. This kind of technology is also completely at our hand. Night shows are particularly impressive and our modular sound system, especially developed and calibrated, ensures high intelligibility and enjoyment of music – from cuddly market places to the world’s largest fairs.

“Heartfelt thanks for the professional implementation and the trusting cooperation.”
Cultural Department Hamburg, Hamburg DOM
“The realization of the high wire show in the airport terminal was a major challenge. We appreciated your professionality in particular.”
DUS Airport Düsseldorf, La Tour de l'aeroport