Three motorcycles on three steel ropes, tightened next to each other. Twelve acrobats presenting breathtaking acrobatics in a height up to 40 m/130 ft.



Our world unique motorcycle launch pad is 12 m/40 ft high and allows us to work above all heads of the audience of your event.

We present acrobatic top performances above and below the machines up to a height of 40 metres/130 feet.
Teeth power acrobatics, handstands, acro balances on one arm and wheelies are parts of the performance as well as a “giant motorcycle pyramid” with four acrobats below and above only one machine. An unforgettable show!

Our innovative freestanding technical equipment, concerning to DIN EN 13814 guarantees verified safety by TÜV Germany (Germany’s Technical Inspection Agency) for the audience and us. Furthermore it enables the integration into the location structure without limiting its usability.


No city centre, no event area, fairground is too small or too big.

Stollberg, Erz Mountains (Germany) – 11.000 inhabitants

Long years of experience and the most modern technic allows us to set up our equipment in the smallest villages, nearly without losing space for your visitors, your market stalls and shops.

Hannover (Germany) – 535.000 habitants

Also huge festival areas can be crossed easily, even if the event area is completely set up. We provide crowds of spectators and high media interest and we strengthen the sustainability of your event.

“Sibiu had never seen before such an event!!! BREATHLESS!!!”

Dan Bartha, Sibiu International Theatre Festival
“More than 100.000 visitors marveled and hold their breath by such an amazing and unique high wire act.”
Kerstin Behlau (mall manager), Handelscentrum Strausberg

‘It can’t be done’ is simply not in our vocabulary!

April 2018 – Hohenwarte Stausee Thuringia – Germany

We worked above this Thuringian reservoir with our motorcycle show.
The length of the rope was more than 200 m/656 ft – our record so far in the history of our family and our company.

August 2015 – Roßlau (Elbe) – Germany

Several times our engagements led us to the Elbe – for tensioning our ropes above it. Such a setup is always an adventure and likewise a great challenge, of course.