With our historical rope show “Long Ago” we take our audience on a nostalgic journey to the year 1900.



On a historically designed high wire construction we want to relive for the audience the atmosphere of street and high wire art around the turn of the century – when our family history began.

Presented with barrel organ music and loudhailer announcement we bring the beginning of our high wire tradition to life, in an entertaining way.
We cross the rope by driving a velocipede, walking in traditional Dutch wooden shoes or a silver ring. Even pancake cooking, while sitting on a chair with a stove, is presented on the wire.
Our youngest family members, Charly (10), Lenny (9) as well as Ruby (4), show what they already learnt on the rope.


Our rope construction is universally applicable with an area of maximum 9 x 9 m/30 ft x 30 ft.


Our historical rope show in front of the Casino of Monte Carlo on the occasion of the 35th International Circus Festival.

About 1930 – Arena Weisheit

The beginning of our family company – our ancestors travelled with an arena show.

“We are so proud that you represented the roots of our trades professionally and with passion.”
Josef Diebold, Chairman of Swabian Showmen's Union
“It was so nice to see how you attracted crowds of spectators with your amazing show.”
Marie Claire Keppler, 200th Historical Folk Festival Stuttgart, Germany

The historical rope show is a special highlight for our audience and us.

Because of its comparatively compact size the work with our historical high wire construction enables us to come close to our audience.
With a wink of an eye we show our acrobatics and involve our guests in this show.