Because of our know-how, our technical and acrobatic portfolio, there are no limits of creativity.

Carmina Burana (Stuttgart), Till Eulenspiegel (Weißenfels, Calbe) and many more like Zwarte Piet (Roermond NL, Sint Niklaas B);
Christmas shows all around Germany as well as Athens, Greece and Hongkong/China; open air aearal ring trapeze show in a height of 22 metres/72 feet in Dendermonde/Belgium and Waalwijk/Netherlands, racing car show on two ropes tightened next to each other in Koudekerk/Netherlands and Red Bull Promotion Tour around Thailand, indoor shows at Ahoy Hall Rotterdam/Netherlands, Airport Düsseldorf/Germany, Lotto Arena Antwerp/Belgium – just a few of many examples for special productions.


For every special occasion a unique creation.
Innovation of the highest quality.

For movies and TV productions with technology, consultants and stunt doubles.

In the German motion picture “Fünf Freunde 2” (2013) Alexander acted as Peter Lohmeyer’s stuntman as the meanie “Rookey”. Doreen stood in for Valeria Eisenbart as “Georgina” in an exciting chase scene inside a circus tent across the rope.

May 2017 – InTUM Garching

Faculty for informatics, Technical University of Munich,
Ceremonial act – “50 years of informatics in Munich”.

Easter 2016 – Schloss Burgk

Easter spectacle at castle Burgk in Freital (near Dresden).
Till Eulenspiegel delights the people.

“Thanks a lot for the sparkle in the eyes of our customers, the unforgettable moments and the good cooperation.”
Irina Liebl (Mall Manager), Riem Arcaden Munich
“Thank you for turning the Hamburg DOM into something special. Your professionalism can’t be surpassed.”
Sascha Belli, 1st Chairman of Showmen's Union Hamburg